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Teamwork’s quick thinking and problem solving abilities helped us on a challenging digital solution for a retail campaign with AS Watsons. From briefing to final rollout in their flagship store, Teamwork’s professional, proactive and punctual responses enabled us to realise our creative vision and meet the clients ambitious deadlines.

Thanks to Martin Randall at Teamwork Communications, our company has come to life from start to finish. His expertise, guidance, professionalism and talent has taken our original idea and vision to a whole new level in creating and developing our App. Martin has put his heart and soul into this project by enduring endless meetings over the past year with usand gone beyond the call of duty in connecting us to other industry aligned people and companies, who have all come together to help see our vision become a reality. We cannot thank Martin enough for his passion in helping us with this project and for becoming such an integral part of our development and decision making. We are now fortunate enough to call Martin and his team our friends.

Working with Martin and his team is always a pleasure and an inspiration. They truly are problem solvers in the app world where ‘not possible’ just isn’t part of their vocabulary. In particular, our collaboration on the Colgate project gave me great insight into their work that others may not get the privilege to witness. The planning and expertise that goes on behind the scenes of a successful app is missed by the end user who quite rightly witnesses a beautifully simple and engaging experience on the front end. Martin is the bridge between the art of programming and the everyday business world, a talent no doubt influenced by his previous ad agency experience.